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If you love codes and mysteries then sign up now for updates from Helen about her books and the puzzles that inspire them. You’ll get regular links from her blog, behind the scenes sneak peeks about the life of a code-cracking author and even an exclusive welcome message from the Keeper of Codes herself!

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While you’re here, why not check out the extra downloadable goodies specially created for Code Crackers like you? Be sure to tell your teachers and librarians about some of the resources here that might be useful if you are exploring Helen’s books in school.

Treasure Hunt!

Download the Secret Breakers Treasure Trail.
Follow the clues and break the code. 
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Now you are part of the VIP Code Cracker Club you’ll want your own Code Cracking machine. Download the ‘Make your own Cipher Wheel Guide’ here for hours of Code Cracking fun!

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If you’ve read any of Helen’s books and would like to add a review then Helen would be thrilled to see it. Follow the links on The Books pages to Amazon, or go to, where you can leave reviews so that other readers can find these stories and join the VIP Code Cracker Club with us! Thank you so much!

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All the locations in Helen’s stories are real places. If you ever visit Bletchley Park Museum – the British home of Code Cracking – then do go prepared with this special downloadable treasure hunt map! Spot locations used in the Secret Breakers adventure to help the story come alive!

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And you’ll also want a membership card…so download the ‘Team Veritas Membership Card’ here to show you are a VIP Code Cracker.