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River of Ink

In the heart of London, a mystery boy emerges from the River Thames. In a race against time to discover his identity, who will triumph? Introducing the first book in a new action-packed series full of adventure and mystery.

‘ It’s a fast-paced adventure with some satisfyingly nasty villains and lots of symbols and clues to follow along its twisting, turning path. It takes the reader back in time with tales of alchemists and potions, but it’s firmly rooted in the present. There’s plenty of action, the characters are well-rounded and credible, and the whole thing is given depth by some complex family dynamics. I think this series will do well, especially among fans of mystery thrillers.’

Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

Secret Breakers

In this thrilling, original series, three children tackle real unsolved mysteries and struggle with real unbroken codes to get to the hidden truth.

‘ A must-read series for all fans of mystery adventure novels.’
-Scottish Daily

‘Record Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way. It was fantastic!’
-Written Dimension

‘ Humour, despair, fear, excitement… This ticks all the boxes.’
-Inis Magazine